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Karen Stephens(non-registered)
Ok ya'll have way too much fun, I'm just sayin'.
And your wildly infectious sense of humor, Steve, kept me in stitches.
Other than that, your artistry as an image maker stunning, my friend. I feel the impact, emotion, and awe of belonging in the verve of life when I look at your work. Thank you--it's a nice journey to share with you.
Janice Harrison(non-registered)
Beautiful art! You really capture the beauty of the environment as well as the spirit of the people all with stunning compositions. Very moving!
Kate Schmidt(non-registered)
I truly enjoy your images. It's all so balanced....so many shots speak to the simple day to day while so many others bring deep feeling and I have no reason why. Great job!
Jennifer Dorwart(non-registered)
Portrait photography is my favorite. This album is exquisite Steve and it got my heart racing for the next photo. What a truly beautiful people.
Seth Hartman(non-registered)
Great Pictures!
Jeremy "Mic" McGrath(non-registered)
I really love the photos. Great meeting you both today!
art4Adventures by Steve Demeranville
Eileen Gagnon(non-registered)
Hi Steve, all your photo's are simply magnificent but the Switzerland pictures brought me back to a very special time in my life. They are amazing and the colors truly stunning . They actually brought tears to my eyes!!! You have such a talent and truly a knack for capturing the essence and the feel of each area you visit, and also the simple beauty of the people. I feel like I was there again and I thank you. I can't wait to see what you do next!!!
1-Sep-16 19:59
Jennifer Dorwart(non-registered)
OH MY! You have really captured some beautiful shots of a totally magickal place Steve. Once again my breath has been taken away.
Denise Callahan(non-registered)
I do all my traveling of the world thru you, Steve, this takes me away!!
Denise Dow LMT(non-registered)

Truly amazing photos. You are an inspiration to all of us who strive to be photographers. I enjoy your work. thank you for sharing!!!!
National Geographic Editors Your Shot Jan 21, 2015(non-registered)
"This was a huge year for us on ( National Geographic ) Your Shot. We reached half a million members and four million photos and ran over two dozen stunning photo assignments. For the photo editors of Your Shot, discovering new work and learning more about our members is a real joy.

It was a tricky task, but we each picked two photos we loved and went to our studio to discuss them. Below you can see a selection of our favorite images from the year and listen to some of our thoughts on them. "

Photo by Steve Demeranville…listen to the audio by clicking bottom left of the photo Water Art
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